The immune system comprises a series of defence mechanisms that our body uses to defend itself against the attack of foreign bodies. It stands guard against disease around the clock: It fights bacteria, keeps viruses under control, kills parasites and tumour cells.


The immune system comprises a series of defence mechanisms that our body uses to defend itself against the attack of foreign bodies. It stands guard against disease around the clock: It fights bacteria, keeps viruses under control, kills parasites and tumour cells, and keeps our bodies healthy. The immune system is therefore considered one of the most important pillars of health.

Microimmunotherapy plays an important role in the body's treatment strategy for disease. It works specifically to reset the immune system to optimise its ability to function in the face of internal and external disruptive factors.

It is important to emphasise that microimmunotherapy only gently conveys information to the immune system to guide it towards balance and thus healing.

Microimmunotherapy is used, for example, for the following diseases: 
Chronic fatigue, recurrent infections, allergies, skin diseases, etc.
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Mycotherapy is a non-conventional medicine in which medicinal mushrooms or extracts from medicinal mushrooms are used for therapeutic purposes.

Medicinal mushrooms produce substances that have a positive effect on humans. A single medicinal mushroom species can contain hundreds of bioactive substances.

In recent years, several scientific articles have been published and numerous trials support the clinical use of mushrooms in various diseases such as diabetes, cancer, wound healing, etc.

To learn more, I provide you with two links in French and German to the Hifas da Terra laboratory, one of the world's leading laboratories known for the quality of its products in the field of mycotherapy. 

We live under constant stress and although we can eat organically, the trace elements we take in through food are not well utilised. Therefore, micronutrient therapy provides an additional supply of these substances to improve our vitality.

Micronutrient therapy

Micronutrient therapy takes into account various deficiencies, e.g. of vitamins, trace elements, dietary fibres or essential fatty acids. A low intake of these nutrients has a negative effect on the body. 

Micronutrient therapy suggests a diet that is adapted to the individual's profile.

In addition, each person has specific needs due to their metabolism. Micronutrient therapy will introduce the micronutrients you need for good vitality into your diet in an individualised way.

Micronutrition prefers :

  • essential fatty acids
  • the vitamins C
  • the iron
  • the zinc
  • the vitamin D

Other therapies

Phytotherapy is the use of medicinal plants either as a preventive measure or as a supplement to allopathic treatment. Medicinal plants contribute to our well-being or offer a solution to most of our everyday ailments, e.g.:

  • Female well-being / painful menstruation / menopause
  • Urinary tract problems / water retention
  • Circulatory problems / metabolic problems
  • Remineralisation of the bones / joint pain
  • Detoxification / Transit / Digestion
  • Wellbeing of the respiratory tract
  • Vitality / Immune System

Aromatherapy is used to prevent and relieve certain physical ailments and to reduce stress. Essential oils contain a high concentration of active substances and can therefore harbour certain dangers. They must therefore be used with caution, especially in children under 8 years of age and sensitive adults, e.g. pregnant or breastfeeding women, the elderly, epileptics, asthmatics, etc. There are a large number of essential oils, but to relieve all the little everyday ailments, a few essential oils can be enough. There are essential oils from "fakers" that are not pure. Several criteria must be indicated on the essential oil bottle:

  • Chemotype, which is the DNA of the essential oil that is the majority chemical molecule.
  • Origin of the essential oile.g. Morocco, France, Australia, etc. Part of the plant used, e.g. leaf, stem, etc.
  • Preferably from organic cultivation and from a producer who carries out the distillation himself. 

Homeopathy is used to treat minor everyday ailments and also to cleanse the body. Homeopathy can be used at various levels, e.g. for severe insomnia, flu-like symptoms, binge eating, gastro-oesophageal reflux, headaches and migraines, eczema, etc. Homeopathy can also be used in the treatment of eczema.

There are therefore two categories of homeopathic dilutions:

  • the Hahnemann dilutions (C and D potency)
  • the Korsakov dilutions (K).

For each of these categories there is a certain degree of dilution. Thus, one distinguishes 5 types of dilution degrees:

  • Very low dilutions: 1 to 5 D
  • low dilutions: 3 to 5 C or 6 to 10 D
  • medium dilutions: 7 to 9 C
  • High dilutions: 12 to 30 C
  • very high dilutions: above 30 C and the Korsakow dilutions.

Gemmotherapy relies on the properties of the buds by extracting them through maceration (alcohol, glycerine and/or water). As a true concentrate of information, the bud of a plant is a very effective concentrate of powerful active ingredients.

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